52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog: Weekly Questions to Spark Your Blogging Creativity

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Get started with blogging for your business or organization with 52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog. This book has been broken down into 52 chapters. Each chapter represents one week and contains a key question for you to answer on your blog about your business or organization. With subjects like: Business lessons How trends change our business New products Answering Customer Questions Included are 10 tips along with a website and videos for building your blog, such as: How to add images Categories and keywords Promoting your blog on and off line Coming up with content for blogging is a process of being observant to the world rushing by. Sometimes it is just talking about a new employee or piece of equipment and other times it is contributing to the community around you. Take your knowledge and send it out into the world to educate and connect. That is my goal; to teach you to see it and pass it on. In the process, the world finds you back. We jump start your content thinking. We give you the push. The goal is that at the end of this book, you will have learned how to blog.”