YouTube & Learning: The Guide to FULLY Take Advantage of the Wealth of Knowledge Available on YouTube Through Powerful Productivity & Learning Techniques. … Self-Taught, Internet Productivity)

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Would you like to FULLY take advantage of the wealth of Knowledge available on Youtube?

Then, this is the Book you are Looking for!

A few years ago, I remember feeling clumsy and overwhelmed browsing through YouTube, realizing the amount of knowledge and information available there and thinking that if I could only learn how to consume the information there effectively and rapidly, I would be able to obtain amazing results in all aspects of my life.

A few days later I decided I had enough, and I decided to put myself to learning a to research a solution to my problem, and I found some really interesting learning and productivity techniques that allowed me to revolutionize my productivity and learning as I watched YouTube and that allowed me to plow through huge amounts of videos on youtube in a smaller amount of time.

I learned how to absorb information and knowledge efficiently and rapidly and effectively use YouTube as a learning tool and ever since I ´ve getting amazing results I never thought possible.

Now in this book, I share all of tools and techniques that I have learned that will turn you into a learning machine using the power of YouTube

In this book you will rapidly learn:

  • How to Overcome Information Overload
  • How to Consume Knowledge found in Youtube Videos at Lightning speed!
  • How to get the most out of the time you spend on Youtube
  • How to remember and apply the new knowledge you acquire


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