WordPress SEO: 72 Google Search Ranking Factors You Wish You Knew: Drive Targeted Organic Traffic Easily

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Using websites is becoming more and more popular, small businesses are getting online, and we live in a world where information is freely available on web pages.

We are now selling our used clothes on eBay. We are ordering our food through Amazon, and the rise of technology usage have reached the sky.

Customers are now looking for information online, buying online, communication online, dating online. This makes the web a hot area where businesses try to attract new customers.

People type billions of queries into Google search bar to find relevant information or buy products, and in order to get a market share from the Google’s search traffic, you will need to rank your website mainly in the first page. In the result, new terms like search engine optimization (SEO) pop out, and become an new bilion dollar industry.

This is the rise of SEO: free organic traffic has a huge potential to make billions of dollars for businesses and industries.
SEOs, webmasters or just self-made entrepreneurs are using black hat ways to hack Google to rank their websites even if the quality is poor, or their websites are non-relevant.

So, Google is tweaking their search algorithm to bring down websites made by black hat communities, making them losing billions of dollars.

Google is incorporating 200+ search ranking factors to determine if a website deserve to be ranked or not. But, if you play by the rules and follow their webmaster guidelines, your websites will never be impacted by their future algorithm updates.
That is the goal of this book. Teaching you the only 72 Google’s search ranking factors that you need to focus on and optimize for, in order o rank your website in the first page of Google search results.

Those are exactly the ranking factors we use to rank all our WordPress website.

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