WordPress Cheats: Proven Hacks, Tricks & Shortcuts to Build Your Own Profitable Website Fast

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WordPress is so much more than a blogging platform.

Many of you probably know about WordPress.com and the ability to create fast free blogs.

You may even realise that you can selfhost WordPress by uploading the program to your own server space.

The fact is, WordPress is fast becoming the most used platform for all websites being built today.

There are so many reasons why you are going to love the advice contained within the pages of this book.

We are going to show you how to quickly and easily create a site, get it online, and then make it look and do ANYTHING you want it to, from becoming a huge online forum to a brand new rival to eBay.

You can use this book to help you to create a simple blog quickly, or to get you well on the way to your own huge and popular (and most of all profitable) website.

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