The WordPress Plugin Process: Explained Super Easy

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Do you have a wordpress website and, like so many other people, find it overwhelming? Do you see the reminders to update your plugins but are afraid of doing it wrong? How about adding new plugins or managing your current plugins? Do you want an easy to follow visual step-by-step book (with over 50 screenshots) to help you understand WordPress Plugins?
In this wordpress plugin tutorial the wordpress PLUGINS PROCESS is broken down into a simple, visual step-by-step process. The primary goal of this book is to take anyone, even an absolute beginner, from no knowledge to knowing all about it within a few hours. You can follow along at your own pace on your own wordpress website from the Dashboard.
Having this tutorial to hand will provide an easy reference for dealing with your wordpress plugins, over and over again.
Inside this tutorial you’ll learn:
•How to see the different plugin pages from the Dashboard
•Updating the plugins
•Adding new plugins
•Where to see reminders for updates to plugins, and how to update them