The Blog Planner: Evergreen Edition

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The Blog Planner Evergreen Edition is a 12 month planner for bloggers that has no dates in it. This means you can start using your planner whenever you need to! Made by a blogger for bloggers. This planner is clean and clutter free, meaning there are no extravigant design elements. All the things you can find in this planner: All about your blog. It is important to keep in mind why you blog. Goal setting. Because we all have a dream. Blog support and important contact numbers. Really need to keep these handy. Blog Improvements and Inspirations. Always improve your knowledge and make your blog a better place. Blog Changes Log and Passwords. I added this change log in here from personal experience and per request of a friend. We have both had weird things happen to our blogs because we changed something. It is good to know when and what it was. Blog Statistics overview with a chart to visually plot your growth. The years finances summary Space to note down renewal services. Great for those things you pay once a year so you don’t forget or they don’t sneak up on you! 2 Spreadsheets to track all things affiliate Advertising tracking Virtual assistant details Hashtag tracker and html shortcuts Blank page for ebook and product planning Space for Keyword planning Space for blog series planning Years Holidays and events also space to note important dates from your niche. Every month features: 2 Page spread for the month Post ideas and focus for the month Social share tracking for posts published in the month Pinterest pin board tracking for the months posts archive updates for the month Detailed finances for the month top posts performance for the month The Weekly layouts are 2 page spreads with to do list space as well as icons to tick off once you visit each social media.

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