The Facet Library Management Collection: Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Today’s ILS Professional

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Project work is widespread in all types of library and information units, and typical projects can involve developing a new information service, moving a library, digitizing materials or introducing a new staff-development programme. Projects may be relatively small and simple, with one or two members of staff working in the same office, or large and complex, involving people working in multi-professional teams. Complex projects sometimes involve working across different boundaries – professional, organizational, geographical – or working with new and developing ICT systems. ILS workers often carry out these projects alongside their full-time jobs, and find that they need to develop new skills and ways of working in order to manage their project successfully as well as their main work role. If you are an information professional involved in project work of any kind, whether on a managerial, practical, academic or research level, this book offers you a valuable resource. Its purpose is to act as a guide to project management within all types of library and information services. It explores tried and tested methods and techniques for managing projects, including paper-based approaches, and also the use of project management software. Each chapter is supported by examples that provide a feel for the realities of project management in today’s turbulent work environments.