Scott’s Blog of Doom Presents: The Coliseum Video Rants!

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Although Scott Keith usually specializes in pay-per-view reviews, he also did a series of reviews covering the WWF’s ever-present Coliseum Video releases, with 29 different rants covering more than 60 video releases. With a series that spanned TWO CENTURIES (well, technically, because it ran from 1996 until 2007), Scott covers the great and mostly not-so-great releases that defined the WWF’s home video division for so many years. You likely won’t learn anything about the history of the home video division, but there’s some awesome jokes about Kevin Nash’s torn quad and Scott Hall’s personal indiscretions, and isn’t that what’s REALLY important? Scott also went through and added updated comments and snark while reformatting these for Kindle, plus three BONUS rants from WWE Classics on Demand.

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