Mom Blogging For Dummies

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Paperback. Pub Date: 07 2011 Pages: 384 Publisher: John Wiley Ready to start your Mom blog or enhance your existing one This book is for you! The population of Mom Bloggers is growing at a stunning pace and they boast an audience of more than 23 million women reading. posting. or commenting on blogs every week. This fun and friendly guide targets moms who are looking to become a savvier blogger. build a personal and. earn free products to review or give away. or make some extra cash through ad revenue. Named by Nielsen as one of the most influential moms online. author Wendy Piersall helps you determine the right business model for your blog and then create a professional. in-demand personal and. Serves as a road map for the growing population of moms who are interested in creating a blog or enhancing an existing blog Explains how to define a business model. understand your …