How to Start Blogging in 2018: Build a Business & Earn Passive Income

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Are you thinking of starting a blog so you can earn a passive income? This book will guide you on how you can do it.

I spent a year thinking that I wanted to start a blog back in 2015 but didn’t know how to. I had so many questions in my mind that needed to be answered before I would take the plunge.

I read up online and watched so many videos on youtube but none of the so-called experts answered my questions. Instead of wasting time, consuming content all day long I decided to start my blog and learn as I go.

I learned how to create a word press website, how to implement plugins into the site that would help the website to function properly, learned on site and off site SEO and improved my social media marketing skills.

I learned about affiliate marketing, implementing google ad-sense, content marketing, how to write blog posts, email marketing and so much more.

Once my blog began to grow I started earning money. It was passive income. I was making money while I was sleeping or traveling. It was the best feeling ever. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work, dedication, patience, and belief in what you are doing.

I did all the work and now I want to share my knowledge with you all. I don’t want you to go through the hassle that I went through when starting. This guide will allow you to bypass all the bullshit and get you started within a day.

My pain and hard work is your gain.


I am sharing my knowledge into this ebook. Once you read through the table of contents you will know exactly how this book will benefit you.

This isn’t a generic book. It covers everything from how to start the blog, build traffic, how to get readers, guest bloggers, how to make money, build your blog into a business and a lot a lot more.

If you search on google “how to start a blog” you will find a million articles on how to do it but none of them tell you exact steps and strategies that go into getting the blog up and running to make money and build traffic. Trust me, I tried that and had to learn the hard way.

In this book you will learn :

What blogging platform should we use?
How many posts should I write before launching the blog/website?
How long should the content be?
How do I build visitor loyalty?
How can we promote the content?
Is starting a blog expensive?
What if people post negative comments on my blog?
How do I make a living from my Blog?
Where should I place my Email Opt-In Form?
How Can I Get Help for my blog?
How should I choose a Guest blogger?
On Page SEO Fundamentals
Does the blog design really matter?
How should I detect spam messages?
What themes should I use – Free or Premium?
What are the best Social Media Networks?
The Best ways to find Twitter followers
Should I market my business by using Facebook Ads?
How to use Trigger Action Words
How Can I get my website indexed by Google?
What is the difference between No Follow & Do Follow?
What are Solid Domain and Page Authority?
Which Search Engines should I be ranked on?
What are backlinks and how will they help my website?
How can Google find and index a website?
White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Campaigns
How to Keep Track of My Keyword Rankings?
Common text formats to use in content?
Automating Link Building
Is your website not showing up on Google after submitting it?
Do you consider guest blog links powerful?
Is broken link building effective?
Great tools to use for doing SEO
What is Keyword Density?
What is link cloaking?
Should I submit my blog to paid link directories?

If you are serious about working from home, making money online and building a business out of your blog then definitely get this book and let me know how it has helped you.

BONUS: I have also provided additional resources in this book that will help you run your business and turn you into a successful entrepreneur.

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