How to Sell on Amazon: Proven Strategies, Step by Step Guide to Making Money Consistently and Build a Profitable Business With Amazon

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Do you want to invest in Amazon?

Do you know the reasons to be a real investor in Amazon?

Are you thinking like a real Amazon seller?

Do you want to become a successful seller in Amazon?

There are many different ways to sell your product. We can try the old door-to-door salesman method, opening a store of our own or setting up an e-commerce website. Sadly, all these options require a lot of initial capital and are time-consuming. The best option would be, is to sell on Amazon. It’s very easy to get started, the traffic is already there, and you can start with just one product.

Amazon is one of the most visited websites in the world and is a great place to sell products. Marketing requires strategy and effort, so you don’t lose your product in the myriad of other products available on the website. Since putting together your own e-commerce website is difficult, we will use Amazon as our own website. You will get the chance to sell online even with only just one product, and you will always have the opportunity to add more items to your line up as you go on.

There a few aspects of Amazon to consider when selling a product. Firstly, when a buyer searches for a product such as “Headphones” Amazon will take the customer to a page where all headphones available on the website can be seen. Meaning that if you are selling a product, that another 20 business are selling as well, then your chances of the buyer choosing your product are very low, especially if your product is expensive. There’s a popular “buy box” for sellers with the best prices and selling history that is highlighted for customers. If you just started selling a product then most likely you will not be within the “buy box” lowering your chances of selling even more.

The best strategy to make a profit would be market a unique product or resell an item that is uniquely made by someone else. Based on experience it is always a bad idea to sell videos and music. Many of these products are usually obtained free online. Another thing to consider is the pricing you set for your products when using Amazon. There’s a monthly fee from Amazon as well as shipping services. By setting a fair price for your product, you will ensure your profits won’t be lost.
Even though we are using Amazon to sell our products, we can always advertise our products on other websites. It’ll boost sales if we write descriptive content about our products because it will build trust and bring ease to potential buyers when they are considering your product. We can post our product details on Facebook or go further and manage a Blog about the product. This way, buyers won’t use Amazon to search for your product but directly buy.

Another GREAT feature from selling with Amazon is the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) where they will take care of shipping and storage of your product. It is manageable dealing with 10 orders a day, but once your business grows then you will have to handle hundreds of orders, shipping, and possible returns. With FBA you can ship your products to an Amazon warehouse for storage, they ship your products to every individual customer, Amazon will cover all shipping and handling, and any returns or customer service is taken care of by Amazon as well. For the seller this means you can work while not doing much, you don’t have to deal with the stress of returns, and no need to hire employees and you will be able to sell more of your product. You don’t have to use FBA, but I highly recommend it.

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