How To Become a YouTube Superstar: Quick Start Guide (How To eBooks Book 35)

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How To Become a YouTube Superstar?

If there is one word commonly used today, the word has to be viral. Yes, viral. We live in a socially media crazed world where within a minute, a video, quote, song, article, or product can spread to millions of people globally. What this means is that if you use the social media platforms at your disposal, millions of people worldwide could see, like, comment, or enjoy the funny video of your cat or your child singing and dancing to Karaoke or even you doing something that millions of people would love to view and share. With that said, did you know that YouTube is the biggest social media platform surpassing other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? What makes this platform so special and globally liked is the simple fact that you can find videos on almost any topic known to man. Still do not believe me? Head over to YouTube and type in ‘poop’ and see what comes up. Unless your video violates upload rules, you can upload anything on the platform. However, and contrary to popular misconceptions, internet success is not as simple as most people make it out to be. To be an internet success, you have to create high quality sharable content. More precisely, to be a YouTube success, your content must be creative enough to hold the attention of the millions of viewers paying some importance to the fact that there are thousands of other companies, businesses, and individuals fighting for the attention of the viewer. YouTube can help you in various ways whether you are a business or an individual but the fundamental benefit is that it can help you reach out to your audience. This book will help you in the following ways:
*Create sharable content (Viral videos)
As I have already stated, one of the prerequisites to being a YouTube success is content, sharable, creative content. For this reason, the very first thing this book will look to teach you is the underlying concepts of a sharable video. To put it simply, the first thing this book will teach you is how to create a video that speaks to the multitude of YouTubers waiting to devour it.
*Create a killer YouTube channel (your channel, your voice)
Your awesome videos can only get you so far. Before you even think about sharing your potentially viral video, you have to begin by creating a killer channel that has your style written all over it. This book will teach you how to create a channel that not only stands out, but one that is also popular.
*How to optimize your video and channel for SEO
YouTube success or any internet success for that matter largely depends on the SEO friendliness of your content (videos in the case of YouTube). It is almost impossible for your potential viral videos to do well if they do not utilize the correct keywords that make it easily ‘indexable’ and discoverable by Google search engines. This book will teach you how to optimize your channel and videos to make sure they rank higher in keyword related searches.
*Like, views, comment and subscribers galore
This is the crux of what this book aims to teach you. It is not just enough to create a potentially viral video or a killer YouTube channel. Your YouTube domination will largely depend on how many likes, subscribers, shares, comments and views your video gets. Why is this the most important thing that this book will teach you? This is simply because we measure success on YouTube by how well your video is doing.