Follow Me: How One Mom and Blogger Quit Social Media Cold Turkey and Forever

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I have not spent a single moment in over three months to check or post on any social media account. I’m still here, and the people I love and who love me are still here. It can be done, and it was easier to do than I imagined—phantom thumb twitches notwithstanding.

Do you spend any time at all dwelling on “people” you see on social media when you’re not attached to your phone? Do you really enjoy arguing with nitwitted strangers you’ll never sway? Do you know that almost every blogger automates their Twitter feeds so that they don’t actually have to go on Twitter at all? And that if you tweet to a blogger, it is probably her Virtual Assistant who replies to you?

Nothing is real on social media, and life is too short to waste on anything short of real.

The problem with Twitter is revealed in the name itself: the very definition of twitter is to talk quickly and nervously in a high voice, saying very little of importance or interest!

Have you ever wondered why you snuggle up with your phone night after night to check on everyone else’s life? Has your son ever called you out for paying more attention to a screen than to him? Have you ever really thought about how much of your real life has been stolen by social media? Stolen? That’s not the right word—how much worse is it to realize that you’ve willingly given days of your life to something that damages your family, your conscience, and your self image?

I quit social media suddenly, without remorse, and forever. I simply decided one night that I had had enough. Have you?

I wrote this book the morning after I quit social media. It is not long, but it does not need to be. I hope this account of how one mom and blogger quit social media cold turkey and forever inspires you to do the same.

It really is this easy to quit social media.

Maybe social media is your thing. Maybe you get energy from chitchatting on social media with friends and strangers, or maybe you feel validated when you check your likes.

Maybe you feel deflated if there aren’t enough likes.

Social media is draining. I’m done feeling drained.
Nobody cares if I’m on Instagram. Nobody cares if I’m on Facebook. Nobody cares if I’m on Twitter.

My daughter cares that she has to call my name twice so I’ll look up from my Instagram liking spree. My kids notice that every time I move from one room to another, I pick up my phone and take it with me. My son sees that I’m wording a tweet in a way that makes something sound better or funnier than it actually was and fit it into 140 characters exactly just for kicks: “Nobody cares, Mom.”

And he’s right. Am I making the world a better place by posting family photos on Instagram? Am I making the world a better place by posting #momlife jokes on Twitter? Am I making the world a better place by going off about dumbed down education on Facebook?

I am not. And even if I were making the world a tiny bit better thanks to my clever and insightful social media posts, could that time not be better spent?

I have two amazing children and my entire job right now is to raise them to make this world a better place. So that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Goodbye, Social Media, and good riddance.

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