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‘Essential Web Analytics for Bloggers’ is the first book of its kind that covers in depth Google Analytics, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and Google AdSense all from the unique perspective of the blogger. In this book, the author Farhan Qureshi will give you all the methods and techniques that will help you get more of the high quality traffic that will make you blog successful and show you how to make money through banner advertising. Farhan has worked with many high-profile and start-up blogs to successfully analyse the traffic using Google Analytics. The insights that Google Analytics can bring to your blog will help you gain success in whatever form you need. Farhan will guide you through the exact steps of: Activating your Analytics account How to install Google Analytics in your blog How to start measuring traffic flow through your blog How to find the traffic you want, i.e. getting quality traffic to your blog the kind of traffic that you want In addition to all this, ‘Essential Web Analytics for Bloggers’, will give you precise step by step techniques to monetise your blog, including: How to sell banner advertising to monetise your blog How to present the value of your blog (using Google AdSense dashboards – what is it advertisers want to see) How to approach advertisers How to measure the success of your campaigns How to install and run Google AdSense to run exclusively or alongside campaigns that you have managed to successfully sell The aim of the book is to use Google Analytics so that you can directly sell banner advertising to your preferred advertiser, thus making money each time someone visits your blog. ‘Essential Web Analytics for Bloggers’ will give you precise techniques to directly approach advertisers and gain deals that fit the value of your blog, while also increasing its value. After all, you have an audience your advertiser wants to reach – using analytics will help bridge that gap. With two whole sections on ad serving, this book will

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