Do You Own a Blog? Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Tons of Money From It

It isn’t new that owning a blog can now make you tons of money to live a satisfying life from the comfort of your home bed.

Funny enough, some people even go as far as resigning from their main jobs to take up blogging as a full time career job.

Really, it can be amazing when you resign from your job which pays you $10,000 per month and starting up a personal blog and eventually get to earn a minimum of $30,000 every month without getting scolded by your ‘female rich teenage boss’ and moving from one office to another with ‘loads of files and folders’ waiting for you to conclude the tons of calculations.

Actually sometimes you get to wonder where some of these calculated figures really originated from and how you got yourself to attend almost 20 years of your life in school trying to fully understand the principles governing these figures.

As fascinating as it is to make money online through blogging, it can also be very frustrating to find out that your entire stress of trying to build up an amazing blog with core values isn’t paying your bills.

Sometimes you might want to close off the blog or even sell it out to someone to relief you of that stress.

You would agree with me that even the simplest things aren’t easy. It might be easy for you but wouldn’t be to someone else.

I would be elaborating the reasons why your blog isn’t paying your bills and the possible solutions that I can offer. I can’t assure a 100% increase after this post but I would recommend you try to implement a few tricks from this post.

Reasons why you aren’t making money from your blog

1. Lack of self discipline;

Most times people would say, “its only self discipline that brings out the flavour of a soup”

I didn’t understand that proverb until I started blogging. You must learn to stick to what you know and share only what you can offer. Don’t copy from others and share it, it only implies that you don’t have anything to offer to the public.

Discipline yourself to a particular blog topic and make sure you give in your best. Don’t get discouraged because it certainly would happen. Push through until you make it big. Try setting goals for your blog and strive to achieve them no matter what happens.

2. Wrong Ads display;

The display of irrelevant adverts that don’t relate to your site topic will only make matters worst.

Now imagine making up a list of toys you intend buying and going to a toy shop only to see the room filled with groceries.

This also applies to the internet, you’re display grocery items on a toy shop.

Wrong Advert! Wrong Advert! Wrong Advert!

Advertise items related to your site topic only.

You should understand that your audience knows that your site centers in only one topic and when ever they have something to buy which relates to your topic, they would quickly rush down to your site.

You should also find out the best places to put an advert. Not every space on your blog should be used for advert placement.

Too much advert will influence the dwelling rate of your audience.

3. Hey, check your blog contents; This section is mostly ignored by so many people.

Most bloggers publish posts totally not related to their blog topic. They fail to understand the meaning of consistency.

Stick to the main purpose of your blog and you will see people would start appreciating your blog.

4. Be social; You should also try to engage yourself on social media platforms.

This helps you to know your audience and create a relationship with them.

Try to give at least 1-3 hours of your days, socializing.

5. Make healthy relationship with your competition;

You should try to make good relationship with your fellow bloggers.

Share your ideas with them, assist them with any technical area and sometimes, do Guest blogging too.

This will help you know your competition better and possible ways to improve your service to your readers.

Make use of social media platforms and forums to communicate frequently with your related bloggers.

6. Share; You should also learn the habit of sharing your competition’s contents amongst your audience.

By doing this, you give your audience the impression that you are more consigned on sharing knowledge and they can find quality contents by other bloggers on your site.

Source by Leonard Imanlihen

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