Bootstrap Site Blueprints Volume II: 2

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Maximize the potential of Bootstrap with a collection of real-world site projects for better, faster, more responsive web applications About This Book * Build Bootstrap projects quickly and easily with Harp.js, Node, and Less * Learn how to extend Bootstrap with the use of open source JavaScript and icon web font libraries * Get acquainted with building complex social networking, wiki, and dashboard projects with Bootstrap Who This Book Is For Bootstrap Site Blueprints Volume II is geared for developers of all experience levels. It is written in a concise, easy-to-understand way. Each project follows a step-by-step process that anyone can understand. Some experience with Bootstrap beforehand would definitely be an asset but is not required. What You Will Learn * Customize and extend existing Bootstrap JavaScript components * Combine the Google Material Design look and feel with Bootstrap * Use flexbox and other cutting-edge CSS3 techniques in Bootstrap * Implement and customize open source JavaScript chart libraries in Bootstrap * Optimize and implement an optimal user experience for all your projects * Implement the Disqus commenting platform into your projects In Detail Bootstrap is the most popular open source project on GitHub today. With a little bit of know-how, this massively popular CSS framework can leveraged for any type of complex web application or website. Bootstrap Site Blueprints Volume II will teach you to build these types of projects in an easy-to-understand fashion. The key to any complex Bootstrap project is a strong development foundation for your project. The book will first teach you how to build a Bootstrap development environment using Harp.js, Node, and Less. In the next chapters, we’ll build on this foundation by creating restaurant and mobile-first aggregator projects. Once you’re warmed up, we’ll move on to more complex projects such as a wiki, a new magazine, a dashboard, and finally a social networking website. Whether you are

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