Make Money Online: How to Sell Sex Toys Both Online and Offline – Make Money on the Internet – Work from Home Selling Adult Toys (Sex Toys)

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I know it’s not easy for you to start making money online.


I want to share my 20+ years of experience in the sex toy industry. You are about to read information compiled from my own, sometimes-expensive experience in selling sex toys and developing my own adult products.

Let’s face it, most of the books out there that provide “how to make money information” are crap. They follow the same format – “give me your money, then ask someone else to give you money” – so round and round it goes, the moochers leading the scroungers.

I’m going to get you started in your OWN BUSINESS.

News Flash — Home Sex Toy Party Sales Eclipse Tupperware Party Sales

If you want to build a business, it all starts with real products – not with a make believe “get rich quick system.”

Sex toy sales and parties have quickly become the latest phenomenon to sweep North America.

The leading Sex Toy companies are featured on TV – Primetime LIVE, Good Morning America, The View, Montel Williams, Oprah, Tyra Banks, Star Jones and others. Magazines such as Time, O: The Oprah Magazine, Essence, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Allure and many others have also covered this hot new Sex Toy trend.

Cash in on and discover how to …

How to start as an affiliate
Find the best affiliate companies
How to start without investing any money
How to start a Sex Toy Party business
How to make cash online or offline
How to supplement your income
Progress you business into a full-time operation

Make as much as you want – It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t take a lot of time, you don’t need a lot of money you just need to know how.

“Cold Hard Cash as a Sex Toy Drop shipper”

Discover how to find cash via ADULT TOY DROP SHIPPING (you never touch the product).

By working with a Sex Toy drop ship vendor, you will NOT need to acquire large quantities of wholesale products. Therefore, you will not need to warehouse products and you will never have the time consuming task of packaging and shipping products.

You simply submit the order to your drop shipper and they take care of everything else.

“Time For You To Get On Board”

You need to grab a piece of the booming, multi-billion-dollar trade in sex toys and videos.

The sex industry has come out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

“Your Three Part Guide to Sex Toy Cash”

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Part One: Exclusive report: “Sex Toys Sell”

Thousands of people earn 25K + per month (some work, but do-able).
Thousands earn $100 per day – That’s 3K per month (EASILY VERY DO-ABLE) 

**Insider secrets that successful super affiliates use to collect a ridiculous monthly income. 

**Discover the ropes to bring in your first $100.

**Easy, step-by-step directions to fast cash.

**Uncover what to promote, when to promote and how to promote–what’s successful and what’s not.

**Avoid the common mistakes to eliminate setbacks.

**Don’t get cheated out of your commissions.

**Guarantee your success by choosing the right program.

**What programs to use for optimum results

**Strategies that you can’t help but make cash.

**And, much, much more.

PART TWO: A SIZZLING HOT interview with SexToyDave – download in MP3 format.

While doing research for my book “Sex Toys Sell: How to Make Money Selling Sex Toys”, I had a chance to meet with and interview SexToyDave at Internext in Las Vegas.

STDave has sold millions of sex toys and is now the owner of the largest network of sites on the Internet selling adult products.

In the interview STDave dishes out hot tips.

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