Advanced Twitter Marketing: How To Get Twitter Followers With Twitter Automation: Advanced Twitter marketing strategies to take your Tweeting to get … and take your tweeting to the next level

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This is a short, but very powerful book in which you will learn the Twitter marketing strategies that professionals and marketing agencies use to: – Automate your Twitter account and Twitter marketing – Increase engagement by hundreds of percent – Sell from Twitter – Grow Twitter followers – Get more retweets – Drive traffic from Twitter to your website, content and products – Save you time by automating most of your daily Twitter tasks while making your overall Twitter marketing more effective. – Improve your branding and give your business more visibility This book is broken down into two chapters. The first chapter walks you through an advanced Twitter automation strategy which uses two paid productivity and Twitter automation tools. Even though the tools are paid, the idea is that they will give you value that is manyfold greater than their cost. Plus, you will eventually sell products using the strategies that these tools will help you with, so the tools should pay for themselves and then some. In the second part of the course I teach you how to make your Twitter account professional, and while I start with basic Twitter marketing tips, I quickly get to intermediate and advanced topics that will help you grow your Twitter followers and get more engagement for every tweet. So go ahead, get this book, and let me show you how to take your Twitter marketing to a whole new level.

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