25 Expert Tips To Blogging Success

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Successful bloggers know that a blog is not synonymous with a business. Even blogs with lots of traffic are not necessarily profitable. Often, successful bloggers have learned this the hard way.

25 Expert Tips to Blogging Success gives you the very best suggestions for laying a solid foundation for a profitable blogging business.

You’ll get high-level strategic advice about:

  • How to choose a niche you can dominate
  • How to develop a targeted message that your audience will actually pay attention to
  • How to conduct market research, so you can align your message and products with your audience’s needs and desires
  • How to establish yourself as an authority, so your audience trusts you and your products
  • How to partner with others in your niche and expand your audience, your reach, and your authority
  • How go beyond AdSense and monetize your blog by developing your own product
  • How to scale up your business for bigger returns on your time and energy

You’ll get tactical tips on:

  • How to use press releases to drive traffic and increase your exposure
  • How to build an email list, and what to do with it once you have it
  • How to develop and test a landing page that earns money
  • How to boost your sales with a well-designed thank-you page

You’ll get concrete suggestions about the best software and services to use for your blog:

  • Where to host your blog for reliable, affordable service
  • How to choose a quality autoresponder, so you stay in touch with your audience
  • Why WordPress is your best bet for a blogging platform — and which plug-ins will make your life easier
  • And you’ll get expert advice that cuts through a whole pile of misinformation about:

  • How much backlinking you really need to do
  • Whether you need to worry about keyword density
  • What SEO techniques are worth your time — and which ones you should ignore
  • You need a business strategy that helps you make good decisions about your blog. What to write about, where to focus your attention, and what tools to use — 25 Expert Tips To Blogging Success is your guide to creating a successful and profitable blogging strategy.

    You’ll get immediate access to the e-book, which means you can start cutting through distractions, eliminating unprofitable activities, and honing your business strategy right away.

    You’ll be astounded at how invigorated you’ll feel once you’ve developed some clarity about your market, your strategy, and your tactics. And once you have the pieces in place, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your blogging business will develop and prosper.

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