101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies: Boost Traffic, Get More Leads & Make More Sales Using WordPress … With No Coding Skills Required!

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“101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies” contains over one hundred and one practical “no fluff” tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you boost traffic, get more leads, and make more sales online using WordPress … with no coding skills required!

Why WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies?

Search online and you will find hundreds of websites with WordPress tips and tutorials. Almost all these sites, however, are aimed at an audience of technical users like website developers and require having technical knowledge or coding skills.

Most website owners are non-techies who want a website or blog to grow their business or presence online without having to become web developers or learn how to code.

“101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies” was designed to help you discover many of the real ‘hidden’ gems of using WordPress and show you how to get better results online faster at minimal cost with no coding skills required.

Each tip includes links to detailed tutorials that show you how to implement the information without touching code or hiring a web developer or SEO marketer.

Read each tip and if you’d like to know more, visit the tutorials. Otherwise, just file the tip away for later. At least, you will know what you can achieve with WordPress without spending a lot of money on web development, web design, or digital marketing costs.

The author has spent years teaching and training non-techies to use WordPress and has written and published hundreds of detailed WordPress tutorials for non-techies.

If your website or blog runs on WordPress, you can’t afford to ignore the information contained in these tips.

Download “101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies” today and start getting better results online with your WordPress site!