1,000 Character Writing Prompts: Villains, Heroes and Hams for Scripts, Stories and More (Story Prompts for Journaling, Blogging and Beating Writer’s Block Book 3)

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Do You Want To Create Rich, Three-Dimensional Characters?

These 1,000 Hand-Picked Ideas Are Just What You Need.

From the author of 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts, this 150,000+ word reference tool can serve writers who need characters and need them now!

If character development is your problem, this detailed reference tool for any writer is the solution. Imagine if every time you sat down to brainstorm for your stories, scripts and more, you had a notebook full of character ideas ready to spring to life on the page. This time-saving, idea-generating tome can ensure that from protagonist to checkout girl, your characters are fully developed and captivating. Covering a variety of genres, time periods and styles, 1,000 Character Writing Prompts, adds nuance and depth to the typical character stereotypes many writers rely on.

This book contains the following archetypes:

  • Superheroes, sidekicks and secret agents
  • Monsters, demons and strange creatures
  • Optimists, pessimists and screw ups
  • Zombies, werewolves and vampires
  • Rebels, ninjas, actors, villains, pets, babies and many more!

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3. This book contains 1,000 new prompts to help you make characters that stand the test of time.

˃˃˃ Create Immortal Characters With 1,000 Helpful Examples

If you’re looking to learn some writing basics, this is one of the nonfiction writing books you need for your shelf. Each of the 1,000 story prompts ends with a question or command to push you past your writer’s block and into a creative flow state for your future journaling and writing sessions.

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